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Same old same old

another sad day in my worthless life

5/12/06 09:06 pm - wows...

gah @_@ between new baby and Macchi and work I'm afraid I haven't updated in a long time so fill me in on things anyone? any new births? anyone commit suscide? [S-chan has End of course exams and end of year exams so she has lots of school works and school drama and the typical teen likness....]

2/8/06 09:47 pm

Life's been boring lately... o-o

1/17/06 08:50 pm - [OOC: note]

[The Lys RPer is grounded from the computer until Friday :X she asked that I say something]

1/14/06 12:49 am

o_o... Pumkin-chan is going to have a baby

which reminds me *rubs fact in Meene's face because she said he'd never do it let along have enough sperm for it*

1/6/06 12:38 am

guess what?

:D I got to fire people at work today....

it made me feel really good but at the same time bad for firing said people.... most of them deserved it anyway.... (besides that one lady boss had me fire with the 8 kids that was just sad D:)

12/25/05 12:07 am - Merry Kurismasu everyone.

kay just wanted to say Merry Kurismasu I got you all something :D I hope you like them...

Lyserg yours was hard to find so I hope you like it D:
[OOC:... I have a trip tommorrow so yeah XD]

12/22/05 10:34 pm

I'm sorry I called you crazy and stuff, and that I pined you to a wall and slapped you and was such a jerk trying to find out what was wrong, that I ran after you in my short shorts and told on you for throwing your gun. It's going on my list DX.

12/21/05 04:51 pm

Jeanne... Lyserg threw a gun! D: and it got scratched then I took it form him and said he could get it back if you said yes but he took it back anyway.

12/11/05 03:27 pm - it's the most wonderful time of the year.

I've got presents for everyone cause everyone KNOWS this holiday is anout one thing... PRESENTS (because Jesus is not real and all) but Hitler allows us to choose what holidays we want to celebrate.
but NONE of you get to know what I got you until christmas morning :D and don't even bother trying to snoop around my room looking for them, I've hidden them very very well thank you very much eventhebirdit'sinaboxbutit'ssoquietyou'dthinkitwasdead.!
so now you know why I seemed dead for a while.

11/20/05 06:13 pm - You've been HAX'D

[ooc: Since S-chan's at my house and all.. xD]

I hacked Marco's LJ account. You wouldn't believe all the stuff he's put in private mode. All kinds of stuff. His thoughts about everyone. He had a crush on Faust his first day here, then Yoh, then Hao, and then it changed to Matilda and was all happy. >> Writing poems...

Ah... stuff about jacking off. Which I really didn't need to read.

Childhood memories... No one cares about 'em. Some pictures... Definitely some strange pictures. ::cough::

Um, yeah. For a dollar, I'll tell you what he really thought about you.

- t3h drugz0rs
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